Our Staff

Mike and Annie

These fine folks are the proprietors of Spike's Vintage Motorsports, Mike and Annie. As you can see they are the ultimate picture of American Gothic Biker Edition!

Ron Poto

The one and only Ron Poto, the original vintage Honda Service Tech! Ron began working on these old-school Honda motorcycles when they first hit the dealerships back in the day. The Spike's family has known Ron Poto since the days of Park Honda (now Hardings Park Cycle) when he worked for Glen Mears. Anything Mike Pastore knows about restoring vintage Honda's he probably learned from Ron Poto, need that bike to run like it used to? Ron is the guy to make that happen. Ron is still an avid rider and active in the "Old Farts Baseball League" for three teams, the Sidewinders, Rattlers and Tim's Tavern, where he dons the catcher's mitt and mask and sends those other guys back to the bench with glee.

Frankie Domino

An avid rider and local veteran, Frankie has a passion for motorcycles and can be found working back in the shop or on sales across the internet.