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Motorcycle Rates & Service Information

Service and maintenance experts for vintage Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Other select motorcycle brands. Whether you completing a frame off restoration or need an oil change; from major to minor services and repairs Spike's is here to help. See below for a list of our variety of services and the corresponding rates that will be used to complete your very own project.


*Services Offered*

Parts Locator:                                                  $ 40.00 per hour

Powder & Ceramic Coating:                              Priced per job* (Items are Bead Blasted prior to coating)

Metal Work:                                                       Priced per job*

3M™ Wraps: Priced per job*

Painting:                                                            Priced per job*

Custom Paint Work:                                          Priced per job*

Dent Removal:                                                  Priced per job*

Chrome Plating:                                                Priced per job*

 (Additional prep work may be required prior to plating. Some exhaust systems may not be suitable for plating.)

Brake Services:                                                 Priced per job*

Carburetor Services:                                          Priced per job*

Detailing Services:                                             Priced per job*


Electrical Services:                                             Priced per job*

Engine Services:                                                Priced per job*

Frames & Body Services:                                   Priced per job*

Restoration Services:                                          Priced per job*

Seat Services:                                                     Priced per job*

Suspension, Steering and Control Services:       Priced per job*

Wheel Services:                                                   Priced per job*


Detailing:                                                         $ 38.00 per hour plus supplies

Polishing/Buffing:                                            $ 38.00 per hour plus supplies

Bead Blasting:                                                 $ 48.00 per hour

Soda Blasting:                                                 $ 55.00 per hour

Repair / Mechanical Labor:                             $ 70.00 per hour




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