Partial or Frame Off Restoration Projects

Spike's specialty is the restoration process. Whether you are looking for a single side cover to be polished to a high luster finish or your entire motorcycle to be restored to its original condition, Spike's can make it happen. Partial restoration work is estimated by the part and priced by the hour. Jobs estimated at less than 2 hours do not require a deposit.

How long will my restoration take?

Major restoration projects or complete frame-off restorations are a time-consuming process and can take anywhere from 8 months to over a year to complete. Why so long, you ask? Well, that depends on many factors - could be mechanical work that is holding up the process, could be parts availability, could be other jobs ahead of yours on the schedule, could be that we fixed the first system and then a second system failed. Anytime you tear into an antique or vintage motorcycle there is no "quick fix". Many times parts are no longer available from the manufacturer and must be located from a dealer’s obsolete stock or private individuals. Many times it's not as easy as calling one or two places, but searching for hours on end for the one part you need before you can move along to the next stage of the restoration process. And, when all things don't fall into place, the most costly option is get the part custom made.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a restoration project is wholly dependent on the amount of time invested by our staff and the cost of replacement parts. If you bring us a bike that has been sitting behind your garage for the last 15 years and wasn't running when you parked it there, it's probably going to be a fairly intensive restoration project. This means that you really, really, really should love this bike and the memories it holds because it may separate you from some cold cash to get her back to showroom condition.

Okay, so what does a “typical” or “average” frame off restoration cost?

There is no typical cost for a restoration project. Each motorcycle brought in for a restoration is a one off custom project. There are hundreds upon hundreds of variables that impact the cost of the project. For example: the number of parts and the cost to procure those parts, the amount of engine, transmission, carburetor work necessary to have to bike run in peak condition, the condition of paint and chrome, the size of your bike’s engine. Our historical averages here at the shop have ranged from $8,000 to $10,000 depending on the customer's motorcycle.

Well, why does the size of my engine matter when you restore a motorcycle?

Good question! Let’s break it down for you. Small bike = small engine. Small engine = fewer carbs and parts. A larger bike with a larger engine will require more parts (specific to the engine) thus consuming more material, parts and labor. All aspects of your project must be taken into consideration when choosing your level of restoration and budget. 

Why does Spike's require a deposit before beginning my restoration project?

The deposit allows Spike's to begin the restoration process with enough funds after the consultation to cover the labor costs for tear down and inspection. As the deposited funds are depleted, you will receive an invoice for work performed on your project.

What can I expect from the completed project?

Our goal is to exceed your workmanship expectations! Your bike should run like the day it rolled off the production line and in some cases look better than new. Occasionally, there will be unforeseen failures in components that were not repaired or replaced during the restoration process. If this happens due to an oversight on our end, we will pick up the bike, perform the repair and return the bike to you at no charge. However, if you tell us “don’t replace the humiliator or muffler bearings” and we suggest these repairs are necessary… well, unfortunately, the cost of those new muffler bearings and humiliator plus labor are going to be on you. You should also expect a whole lot of attention as you ride your bike around town! People will notice and they will ask, so leave extra time for chatting about your project.

How do I get started?

1) Decide on the bike you’d like restored or pick one out from our stock of originals

2) Determine the level of restoration you’d like us to complete

3) Hold a Consultation with SVM to begin your plans for the motorcycle

4) Make a deposit after the Initial Consultation to begin the tear down process and further inspect the motorcycle to be adjusted to your desired level of restoration.